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I support busy Londoners to take control of their clutter and create warm and functioning homes. 

I offer guidance, encouragement, support and practical assistance to help you organise various aspects of your home.

I can help you decide what things add value to your life and declutter what doesn't.

Then we can make a plan to maintain your new clutter-free life.

How I can help you...

Get uncluttered now!

Does your busy London life mean you have little time for your home? 


Is clutter overwhelming you and creating stress in your home?

Do you feel that with less clutter you would be able to move forward in other areas of your life? 


Decluttering creates less stress; improves mental clarity; and means less time tidying/ cleaning/ organising/ maintaining.

What people say:

I don't know what I would have done without Hannah!
I had to clear out a very cluttered flat left by a friend who died suddenly. Always helpful, ever patient, friendly yet respectful and extremely efficient, I can't thank her enough for making such a difficult journey actually a journey of laughter and remembrance, as well as sadness. Highly recommended!!!

Martin, Brockley.

Hannah's help has been a gift from the universe. Across a few sessions, she has really helped us settle into our new flat - from recommending organising tools, to working with my side-by-side to sort and tidy everything into a well-labeled space, to helping me plan what to do next and teaching me valuable tips and tricks along the way. Hannah is kind, down-to-earth, practical, nonjudgmental, and just really good at her job. Whatever your organising or decluttering challenge, you won't regret working with Hannah.
I can't recommend her services enough!

Sarah, Bermondsey
The whole process was smooth. Hannah was amazing. We find choosing what to keep and what not to keep extremely difficult, but doing the de-cluttering was not stressful at all. We were so pleased and happy with the results.
Kim, Islington

Hannah helped me and my partner clear out 15 years worth of junk from our loft. She was totally amazing - very calm, organised and kept our energy going throughout the whole day. Everything feels much lighter and I would thoroughly recommend her.
Jennie, Clapton 

My experience with Hannah, who's worked with me several times now, was stellar from start to finish. Hannah is totally professional and focused on creating positive change. In addition, she's super easy to work with, completely non-judgemental and very practical. Each session I've been so pleased with what we've managed to accomplish and wrap up before she left. Forget going to the spa - this is even more de-stressing!
Abigail, Primrose Hill

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30 minute phone consultation.

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More of what people say:

Hannah came over to help me declutter my kitchen which was a job I’ve been putting off for ages. She made the whole process so easy and enjoyable and I’m so so happy with my nice organised and clear kitchen! Really recommend her!"
Morgan, Peckham

I didn't even know how or where to begin and I didn't really want to either! And then Hannah arrived. She made it all do-able and by the time she left after each session, I felt like I had moved into a new, much lighter and more organised place - both in my home and in my mind. It is a wonderful feeling of relief and excitement and it hasn't worn off yet! Thank you Hannah!
Tammy, Finchley

My decluttering/organising sessions with Hannah have been a pleasure and pleasingly productive. She helped me with tasks that were overwhelming me/on the long finger (e.g. my wardrobe, kitchen cupboards, bookshelves, childhood keepsakes, and the “junk” room). Her approach is calm, pragmatic, non-judgmental and efficient. I highly recommend!
Jo, Camden

Hannah was great. She led a very practical day and helped me get rid of loads of stuff I didn't need and guided me in the reorganisation of my room
Ali, Stoke Newington

I had a great experience with Hannah. She was reliable, on-time and trustworthy...Hannah is very organised and it really took the stress off myself over such a crazy time of moving house.
Lucy, East London

Thanks so much for your work on the kitchen - it feels so much better and makes more sense! I'm enjoying being in it. You have helped to make a
huge difference.
V, Hackney

Hannah has helped us immensely. Not just helping us to bail out so that we can function normally, but also offering friendly useful tips on how to turn off the tap of stuff.
Jono, Finsbury Park

“The question of what you want to own, 

is actually the question of how you want to live your life”

(Marie Kondo)

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