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Hi! I’m Hannah. I'm a professional organiser and life coach; and mum to two fantastic girls, based in East London.

I spent the first 15 years of my working life in the theatre as a stage manager and associate director, working in some of London's leading venues supporting actors, writers, directors and producers to create incredible work. I loved every minute of it! 

In my late 20s I gave birth to my first daughter and quickly found myself isolated from my previous life. Juggling a hectic freelance career and childcare was very difficult. By the time I had my second daughter, I was overwhelmed and unmotivated. I realised I was unhappy and that had manifested itself in buying stuff to ease my discontent.

I began to realise that the things I was buying were pacifiers for feeling miserable. To make things worse, the clutter in our house was overwhelming me. I found myself constantly tidying up toys, shoes, clothes, doing endless rounds of washing and feeling stressed and resentful. 

I realised that our clutter had a direct relationship to my stress levels and tensions within our household. I had two loud, fun-loving girls and they had a mum who was tense and often saying no to playing with them.

I set about clearing the clutter.I read every decluttering/ simple-living book I could get my hands on. Room by room, category by category I began to strip away the excess stuff in our lives. I threw away, sold and donated bags of stuff. I assessed my priorities. Was I living the life I wanted to live? 

I took action and now I feel brighter, lighter and more free. I am a happier person. Our house is calmer, the girls have a mum who is more relaxed and there is more laughter and a few less tears.

You can be free too.

I'm a member of APDO (Association of Declutterers and Organisers); the Association for Coaching; and a certified Coach with the MOE Foundation.

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Thank you for the helpful Declutter with Hannah 

session - so effective. 

Huge have cleared so much - and great therapy in reaching progress.

N, Farringdon


My children now have a room they can keep organised themselves and I seem to have stopped nagging them quite so much!

L, Bethnal Green

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