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Three five-minute clutter busters

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Decluttering 'little and often' can help keep you on top of your clutter. Try these three things to help reduce the overwhelm in your home.

Schedule. Can you remove something from your schedule this week that will help reduce stress and overwhelm? Look at the week ahead and identify the things that are on your calendar that you feel obliged to do. For example - do you need to attend that work meeting that your colleague requested you be at? Or, could you drop one after-school activity for your child and go to the park instead? See if you can find an hour that's just for you and mark it on the calendar for everyone in the house to see, and then make it a regular thing. 

Gifts. Do you have objects in your home that were gifts from well-meaning friend but that are not to your taste; are getting in your way; and are causing you stress? Let them go. You are not obliged to keep the things that have been given to you. You can appreciate the gesture without feeling guilt. Find a box and collect up all the trinkets and other gifts that do not bring you joy and consider donating them. Unopened gifts can be re-gifted or donated locally to be used in a raffle. If you are still feeling some guilt, you could start a gratitude journal to note down your feelings of appreciation for the gift, and then bid that item farewell.

Zone of Calm. Create one 'zone of calm' in your home. It could be one shelf; or the dining room table; or your beside table. Remove all the clutter and either discard or find new homes for it. Keep that area free from clutter and ask other members of the house to do the same. This area is an area to celebrate and to keep you motivated over the weeks to come.


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