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The Benefits of Decluttering and Organising

(and where to start)

Too much stuff in our life can lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress. It can cost us our health and put pressure on our finances.

sofa chair beer magazines
Declutter and then relax

The benefits of decluttering and living with less has many benefits. Here are just a few:

A calmer mind clear space, clear mind as the phrase goes. A cluttered home/ desk/ bedroom can create feelings of anxiety and stress. But you know that feeling when you clean out your fridge and you feel like you can take over the world? What if that feeling extended to your whole home? Calm; productive; ready to be lived in; and enjoyed. 

More time - spending less time maintaining, tidying and cleaning our stuff, equals more time to enjoy our what we really love - reading; socialising; going on adventures!

Female hand painting a ceramic mug
More time to create

More productive - we know that a clear, organised desk space can help us feel more productive. This is also true of other areas of our home. If the kitchen table and counters are clear, we are more likely to get out those cookery books and try something new or start a new hobby.  

More energy - coming home to a cluttered house can be draining. An uncluttered, organised home helps us get motivated and makes us feel good. We feel energised because it is simple to run and easy to maintain.

Helping the environment - consuming less stuff helps the environment as it puts less pressure on the world's resources. The decluttering process can bring up feelings of guilt when we think about what we have wasted, but we can be more intentional about what we buy in the future and try to buy from sustainable businesses. 

Better relationships - The decluttering process means less stuff to clean and maintain which leaves more time to spend with our loved ones. Less clutter can also mean less tension within the household. Consuming less (buying lest gifts) means we can focus on experiences instead, creating quality time with our loved ones and making memories.

Basket with leather handles, cloth inside

Where to start?

If you find the idea of decluttering very overwhelming, set a timer and do a short 10-minute burst. Alternatively, take a large basket and walk around your home and put in anything that you don't like; doesn't serve its purpose; or that you have several of. (Eliminating duplicates of things is the easiest way to begin decluttering.) Start with one surface; one drawer or one box and make a little bit of progress. Keep your goal in mind and chip away at your clutter. Little and often wins the race!

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